Bedeviled Blood

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Front cover of Bedeviled Blood

Bedeviled Blood

by A. Richard Eskew

Released in August 2019 by
Shoppe Foreman Publishing

The story of Sarah Whitten opens in 1977 when a young girl seeks answers to why an ancestor has always been hidden. She travels to Canada to meet her great-great-grandmother who tells her life story: a recounting of a young black girl forced to travel over the Chilkoot Trail at the time of the Klondike Gold Rush in 1897. The aged lady, now known as Annahlisa Steele, tells of adventure, deprivation, racism and a life-long struggle against evil. She is forced to encounter the hardships of life the hell on the trail to the Yukon in a cold unforgiving land, a white world devoid of warmth and compassion. She suffers the anguish of a mother forced to make difficult choices to protect her child from the evils of racism.

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