A Tale of Three Journeys

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Front cover of Legends, Tall Tales and Outright Lies Legends,
Tall Tales and
Outright Lies

Folklore and Foolishness
under the Midnight Sun

by A. Richard Eskew

Released in March 2014 by
Shoppe Foreman Publishing

A. Richard Eskew brings to life the hilarious history and truthful accounts of lesser notables from the Era of Gold Fever. In the same genre as Jack London, the pages of Legends, Tall Tales and Outright Lies provide insight into the taming of Alaska and the Yukon as well as some audacious, knee-slapping stretching of the truth. The characters and their encounters are brought back to life in some stories, while others come to life through Rich Eskew's exceptional imagination and ability to tell a tale. Frost-butt Willie - Ed Jesson - Snow Snakes - A cuss named Gus - Three Finger Wilson - The Sourtoe Cocktail - and all the others are given their place of notoriety.

Legends, Tall Tales and Outright Lies is available in softcover at Amazon.com. Legends is 200 pages of action.


Winterís hold, with a grip like granite, slowly eases from the all-encompassing lock on life. Nature awakes so boringly from the long, dark sleep, that it seems the re-birth of life will never arrive. And then, there is a burst of spring uncontained by the memories of winterís bitter, death-like hold. Such it was for two miners in the spring of í98.
        from "Cabin Fever"


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