RVing North to Alaska

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Front cover of Rving North to Alaska

RVing North to Alaska

Guide for RV Travel
on the Alcan Highway

by Rich and Gloria Eskew

Second Edition

Released in February 2016 by
Shoppe Foreman Publishing

Rich and Gloria have made 37 one-way trips on the Alcan Highway. The book is intended to give all who wish to travel to Alaska some basic guidelines to make their travel safe, memorable, and truly the trip of a lifetime. Rich and Gloria offer technical considerations and highlights along the way, especially for the RV traveler. Learn how to prepare, what to take along, and about the route, Border crossings, travel in Canada, and services and RV parks. With the help of Rich and Gloria you can be prepared to travel the Great Alone, where Nature's majesty reigns supreme, and you can have a journey filled with memories to last a lifetime.

The 2nd Edition includes updates for the 2016 travel season based on Rich and Gloria's recent trip in 2015.

RVing North to Alaska: Guide for RV Travel on the Alcan Highway (2nd Edition) is available in softcover on Amazon.com (click here to purchase a softcover copy. Rving North to Alaska is 113 pages.

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