Sherrill M. Lewis, author of Maggie Storm Blue Mystery series

Sherrill Lewis
Shoppe Foreman

Front cover of Deadly Chevrons by Sherrill M. Lewis


by Sherrill M. LEWIS

Book Two:
Maggie Storm Blue Mystery

Released in March 2015

Deadly Chevrons is available for purchase in softcover on (click here to purchase a softcover book). Deadly Chevrons is also available for Kindle e-book on (click here to purchase an e-book).

A rogue tornado and an altercation with her despotic boss push Maggie Storm Blue into rethinking her options. Her aunt and uncle are urging her to chuck everything in Oklahoma and move back to Maine. A letter from Aunt Larkin helps Maggie jump off the horns of her dilemma and "cowgirl up." Faster than the brisk Oklahoma wind, Maggie quits her job and sells her cozy bungalow. Two weeks later she’s in Maine, busily transforming a derelict cottage into a retail shop and sidestepping hints of marriage by steady beau CJ Dubois. The unsettling mischief from last summer’s visit resumes with a vengeance and quickly escalates from malicious to malevolent to murder. Maggie climbs the twisted branches of a bent family tree, negotiates the clinging vines of deception, trips over dead wood, and hopes to untangle the sticky webs of hate before she takes up permanent residency six feet under.

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