Robert E. Parks

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Front cover of Check Out My Shorts by Robert E. Parks

Check Out
My Shorts

by Robert E. Parks

Released in September 2017

Check Out My Shorts is available for purchase in softcover on

Roberts says, "This collection of short stories begins with several fictional stories that came to mind over the years and I felt compelled to put them on paper. The situations and characters in these stories are purely a figment of my imagination. The poems and some of the stories were written to share at my writing club Christmas parties. The remainder of the writings are true stories that range from memories of my childhood to situations in my later years that inspired me to add them to my collection. Iím sure you will recognize the people in these storiesónot the same people I wrote about, but someone in your realm of acquaintances will come to mind as you read these stories. Iím certain you will enjoy them as much as I enjoyed writing them."

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