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Front cover of Fathom Deep by Robert E. Parks

Fathom Deep

by Robert E. Parks

Book Four of
a TC Stephens Adventure

Released in September 2017

Fathom Deep is available for purchase in softcover on
It is also available for Kindle e-book on

The MID Knights received an assignment to monitor the antics of the Fathom Deep, a ship that had been purchased from a ship graveyard. One of the team members was unintentionally left onboard when the ship pulls out of the harbor on its way to an unknown destination. The MID Knights must come up with a way to remove their companion without alerting the shipís captain there is an FBI stowaway onboard. To add to their problems, local officials requested the teams to assist in locating a sniper who is terrorizing the southern part of Alabama, but they have a difficult time coming up with any commonalities in the shootings. In the meantime, they have to take time out from these two assignments to locate one of their own who comes up missing.

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