Robert E. Parks

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Front cover of The MID Knight's Case of the Silent Hoofbeats by Robert E. Parks


The MID Knights'
Case of the
Silent Hoofbeats

by Robert E. Parks

Book Three of
a TC Stephens Adventure

Released in May 2016

The MID Knights' Case of the Silent Hoofbeats is available for purchase in softcover on It is also available for Kindle e-book on

TC Stevens and his MID Knight team have information coming in from two different sources that a local horse ranch is the hub of illegal drug distribution. A thorough investigation of the ranch fails to produce any evidence to substantiate the claim. While the investigation of the ranch is ongoing, the MID Knights are called on to intercept shipments of drugs coming in from South America that are believed to be headed for the ranch. Included in these shipments is a dangerous new drug that has not yet caught on in the U.S., except on the West Coast. The MID Knights find that one of the accusers of the horse ranch is an unlikely source, and the MID Knights have trouble believing the reports. However, this source becomes instrumental in helping with the investigation.

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