Be a GREAT Husband! by Kevin Sweetland

Front cover of Be a GREAT Husband!


80 ways to show
you love your wife

Kevin Sweetland,

released in October 2012.

34 pages in softcover. Available for purchase on for $5.95.

If you are a new husband, following the recommendations within these pages will help you express the love you feel. If you have been married for a while, the recommendations can help you keep the spark of love shining brightly. No matter your circumstance, your wife needs to feel loved. She will know she’s loved by the things you say and do. By putting into regular practice these 80 ways to show your love to your wife, you will build a happy, loving, and strong relationship with your wife. Your children will feel safe and secure as they see that their father loves their mother. Your sons will grow up to emulate your actions and will build strong families as well. Your daughters will seek out a mate who will show them the love their father showed their mother. These 80 ways to show your love are not exhaustive. As you implement them, you will discover many additional ways that are meaningful to your wife, and she will know that you truly are a GREAT husband!

Why I wrote this book

I have been happily married for 25 years. Thinking back about my friends when I got married, most of them quickly divorced. That got me to thinking. What went awry? My wife and I had only dated for six weeks when I asked her for her hand in marriage. We were 23 years of age. Almost everyone told us that we would not make it. I thought differently. At the time, I thought I wanted to be a good husband, but later I decided I wanted to be a GREAT husband. I remembered my vow of “honoring” her, and that is what I did. My experiences moved me to write this concise book for other husbands who want to be happily married.
           Kevin Sweetland

Kevin and Jody Sweetland

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