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Front cover of Blood on the Badge

Blood on
the Badge

by Earl Underwood

Released in November 2020

Blood on the Badge by Earl Underwood is available for purchase in softcover on Amazon.com. It's also available for Kindle e-book on Amazon.com.

DETECTIVE JACK STORM IS BACK! Will this adventure take his life? Or will it take the lives of his closest friends. It all begins with the release of Nestor Gonzalez from Federal prison after serving twenty years of a thirty-year sentence for drug traf-ficking. Nestor has only two things on his mind.

Number one is to collect the five million dollars owed to him by his former boss and now State Senator, Marco Jiminez. The money was promised him if he served his sentence without squealing on the Senator. Number two is to exact revenge on the officer with the Hialeah Police Department who took him down twenty years earlier.

As the Senator arranges for an assassin to take out Nestor before he can talk, Nestor is stalking that officer, but he is being stalked himself, by none other than, El Scorpion. Did you think we were done with El Scorpion after his escape from custody? Not a chance!

Detective Jack Storm teams up with Gunner Westwood, an ATF agent. Suck in your breath as Stormy and Gunner pursue a mad bomber. Race through the pages as you become involved in a multi-layered plot, resulting in death, torture and destruction.

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