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Front cover of Final Mission: Justice

Final Mission:

by Earl Underwood

Released in November 2019

Final Mission: Justice by Earl Underwood is available for purchase in softcover on Amazon.com. It's also available for Kindle e-book on Amazon.com.

RICKY REYNOLDS gave nearly twenty years to the U.S. Army as a Delta Force operator. Wanting to live a normal life and have a wife and family are now foremost in his mind, so he opts to leave the service.

Settling down in Orlando, Florida, he starts his own business, a gun shop and firing range, something he is familiar with. He meets and falls in love with Monica, and they soon marry. Shortly thereafter, she becomes pregnant. Ricky couldn’t be happier. The Army life is behind him now, and the missions and killings he and his team had to carry out overseas are a distant memory.

Little does he know that his experience and expertise will soon come into play again. A violent gang initiation results in the murder of his pregnant wife, and when he walks in on the scene, he is shot in the head and blinded. The police investigation results in the arrest of the suspects, but they are set free due to lack of evidence. With the investigation stalled, Ricky decides to find the perpetrators on his own.

Follow Ricky as he summons his former Delta Force buddies to help him find the suspects and undertake a final mission: justice.

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