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Front cover of Phantom of the Night

Phantom of
the Night

by Earl Underwood

Book One of
The Adventures of L.C. Smith

Released in April 2021

Phantom of the Night is available for purchase in softcover on Amazon.com. It's also available for Kindle e-book on Amazon.com.

LIVIOUS CLEMMON SMAITH, a Delta Force operator, known as L.C. to his friends, finds his world in turmoil when his father is murdered at his home in South Florida. While meeting with Detective Gilbert at the Coral Gables Police Department, L.C. sees a reference to a suspect in a file laying on the detectiveís desk. The detective tells L.C. they have no leads, but L.C. decides to follow-up himself.

L.C. goes to the home of the suspect, Marcello Luciano, but heís told that Marcello has left town for Colorado. L.C. turns the operation of his fatherís business over to the company vice president and returns to Fort Bragg, where he resigns from the military after a twelve-year stint.

While driving to Colorado, L.C. stops for fuel at a station in a remote area. Hearing whimpering noises in a nearby wooded area, he investigates and finds a black German shepherd chained to a tree. The poor critter is severely malnourished and was left to die. After he rescues the dog, he names it Phantom, since it was impossible to see in the darkness.

With his new companion, L.C. continues on to his destination, hoping to catch up with the suspect in his fatherís murder. Along the way, L.C. and Phantom embark on a series of adventures. You wonít want to miss the climatic ending of this first L.C. Smith adventure.

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