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by Donald J. Banks

Released in December 2014

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Scripture Power Poems is a collection of 85 poems fulfilling my wish for poetic expression. I hope they may have special meaning to others who read them. In my early years at home and in elementary school, I became somewhat enchanted by some of the poems I heard that were read to me by others. Some of my early teachers required their students to memorize and recite aloud a few simple verses of poetry. A few of those poems I can still recite. Most of the poems presented here express traditional family values from a Christian viewpoint. I strongly believe I was spiritually called to make a contribution in this regard. In most cases, each of the poems reference through footnotes one or more Biblical scriptures that relate to key words or phrases within the poem.

About Donald J. Banks

Donald J. Banks
Donald J. Banks came from humble beginnings as a farm boy in Southwestern Oklahoma during the great depression and dust bowl. His higher degrees include BS, MS, and Ph.D.His various former roles include: active duty Army infantry officer platoon leader and Army aviator, college instructor, botany professor. plant research geneticist, and plant explorer. His spiritual endeavors include Methodist Church membership, youth fellowship sponsor, board member, choir member, and Sunday school teacher.

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