Lance Hawvermale

Front cover of The Tongue Merchant by Lance Hawvermale


by Lance Hawvermale

Released in December 2014

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Lieutenant Marcella Paraizo of the U.S. Coast Guard wasn’t expecting to find a body aboard the drifting yacht − especially not that of her best friend. Marcella’s friend Isabella was the heiress to a vast sugarcane fortune. She was also deaf. Now Marcella must enter Isabella's silent world to unlock the doors of a shadowy and unexpected past.

Marcella soon finds herself among the Caribbean’s jetsetters and power-players, where ulterior motives are a way of life and billion-dollar corporations blur the lines between right and wrong. But she soon discovers that it’s a short fall from the skyrise casinos and mega-resorts to the seedy urban lairs of drug-pushers and voodoo practitioners, as she follows a fragile trail of clues across the storm-wracked islands of the West Indies.

Defying an order from her superior officers, Marcella risks her career to continue her pursuit of Isabella’s murderer. But when her prime suspect is found dead, it takes everything she has to hold off a court-martial, outmaneuver the FBI, and shore up her own wavering resolve.

Welcome to the Caribbean Sea, where illusion and lies conceal industrial espionage, forbidden love, and the true identities of international terrorists.

About Lance Hawvermale

Under the female pseudonym of Erin O'Rourke, Lance Hawvermale published the thrillers Seeing Pink (2003) and Fugitive Shoes (2006). His poetry and fiction have garnered over twenty awards. He is an alumnus of AmeriCorps, performing his service on the Otoe-Missouria tribal lands in Red Rock, Oklahoma.

Lance holds a master's degree in English. Currently a college English professor, he has also been an editor, a youth counselor — and a picture-framer! In 2014 he released his romantic thriller The Discretionist and the second edition of the murder mystery, The Tongue Merchant.

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