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Robert E. Parks

Novelist and Poet

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Shoppe Foreman Publishing has been pleased to publish five mystery novels by Robert E. Parks. All five were a part of the TC Stevens Adventure Series, featuring TC Stevens, the leader of an FBI team assigned to eliminate assets of crime syndicates, or "Make It Disappear." Known as MID Knights, TC's team members don their concealing black "tuxedos"  and conduct midnight raids primarily in the deep South, but their duties sometimes take them to foreign ports.

Front cover of Check Out My Shorts
In 2017, Shoppe Foreman Publishing released the 2nd Edition of Robert's book Check Out My Shorts, A Collection of Short Stories and Poems.

Robert has also written a sixth novel, Under the Oak Street Bridge, published in 2016 by Total Publishing and Media.

Robert's Bio

Robert E. Parks was born in 1949 in Talladega, Alabama. When he was seven, his family moved to Titusville, Florida, where he finished his schooling. His earliest notion that he could write was in the eleventh grade when, to fulfill an assignment to write a paragraph, he wrote a short story. The kind accolades of his teacher remained in his memory.

In the late sixties, Robert joined the U.S. Air Force and spent most of his four years of service at Hahn Air Base in Germany. He worked on aircraft weapons systems.

When Robert returned to the U.S., he began a long career in electronics and heat and air systems. He moved to Oklahoma in 1974, where he met and married his wife Linda on Valentine’s Day 1983. A few years later his employer transferred him to Atlanta, Georgia, for ten years. In 1998 Robert and Linda returned to Stillwater, Oklahoma, to be near her family.

By 2000 Robert turned to writing in his spare time. He got involved with various writing groups and attempted a first novel. After retiring in 2010, Robert jumped into his writing career in earnest. Since then, he has written and published a collection of short stories and poems and six novels. is the business website for Shoppe Foreman Publishing operated by Larry Foreman.
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