A Tale of Three Journeys

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Front cover of A Tale of Three Journeys A Tale of
Three Journeys

by A. Richard Eskew

Released in January 2012 by
Shoppe Foreman Publishing

Three characters, from St. Louis, Chicago, and Scotland, are controlled by what the fates dictate. The time is set in the late 1800s, but it could just as easily be today.

Thomas Meeker, born in poverty and cared for by loving souls, confronts despair and moves on, ever westward to a destiny which challenges his strength as well as his soul.

Frederick Wagner is born into a life of mean and hate. He is nurtured in a world without a conscience, where rewards are earned through deception, pain and cruelty.

Seamus McGregor’s world begins on the fringes of Scottish aristocracy and slides ever-perceptively to the realities of life. Given to do the right thing, his life ends tragically, alone and without merit. A Tale of Three Journeys looks into the souls of each character and places you in their shoes. Any one of the Three Journeys could have been your journey.

The Tale culminates in Dawson City in the Yukon, where the three characters come together for one brief, fatal encounter. The Tale asks the question: Which of these three, completing their pilgrimage, is the strong, the brave, the sane?

A Tale of Three Journeys is available in softcover at Amazon.com. The Tale is 199 pages of action.

Review Comments

Fantastic Book! Well written and easy to read. The characters are well-developed and the plot flows nicely though the whole book! You can actually "feel" the experiences of each character. Highly recommended to all readers. You won't want to put it down!!
                                                                                      "The Dumptruck"

The author has a unique gift in character development and his description brings them to life. The narration places the reader in the middle of each journey — each in their time and place. It is as if the author lived through that time and place himself. It is difficult to close the book and return to reality.
                                                                                      Dr. Tom Sweeney

Having lived in Fairbanks, Alaska, for over two years, I started A Tale of Three Journeys hoping it would bring back memories of the Far North. Mr. Eskew far exceeded my expectations. The Tale brought alive again the feeling of being in that country. His descriptions of the land are spot on. While I cannot attest to the hardships of being a gold miner, I can attest, if only as a tourist in reality, the frustration and joys of panning for gold. I panned in the summer of ’67, mind you with 19 in front. Let me tell you, panning is like a drug. You don’t feel the cold, and that snow-melt water, even in July, is cold. And all you need to get you hooked is to just see a hint of color in the pan. Good thing my wife was along or I might still be there panning. Mr. Eskew apparently has lived the story as I don’t believe anyone could write this stuff unless it was from the heart. His character development is great. I found myself following the characters from chapter to chapter and sometimes being disappointed when one of my favorites was not featured in the next chapter, but happy in knowing he would resurface in the coming chapters. I recommend A Tale of Three Journeys to anyone who is interested in history, the Far North, and/or adventure.
                                                                                      Chris Booher

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