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Front cover of Rasmus - Walk with Me
Walk with Me

The complete anthology “Walk with Me” and the poem “The Devil’s Riddle” plus a collection of other rhymed stories in
“Just for Fun in a Thyme for Rhyme”

by A. Richard Eskew

Released in September 2012 by
Shoppe Foreman Publishing

Walk with Me is available in softcover at Amazon.com. It is 138 pages.


Now remember in silence the soul of each fallen man,
And all of the families that suffered in that four-year span.
It makes no difference whether Blue or Gray,
For the pain and the blood occurred just yesterday.
from "Just Yesterday"


There is a story must be told, before I flirt with getting old,
about the wishes of our Grandma Timm.
Seems like ten years ago, Grandma was favoring mighty low,
and she come up with a real crazy whim.

It was about this time in July, that she thought she would die
and never celebrate another Christmas day.
Well, we all came together then, all the kids, women, and the men
to treat Grandma before she dies away.

So I want everyone to be aware, that there’s a Christmas in the air.
and I know it is July and not the real season.
We duplicate our cheer, with Christmas twice each year,
and it is all done for a very good reason.

You see Grandma recovered from the death where she hovered.
Now she is continually full of good cheer.
The kids smother her with love, ‘cause she conceived of
Christmas celebrated twice each year.
from "Grandma Timm"


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