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Front cover of The Gold Etruscan Medallion
The Gold

by Earl Underwood

Book One of
The Exploits of the
Green-eyed Leopard

Released in August 2023

The Gold Etruscan Medallion is available
for purchase in softcover on
It's also available for Kindle e-book on Amazon.com.

Maureen Borge, called Mo by most everyone, was recruited right out of college by the CIA. She was working at a local dojo teaching martial arts when she was first approached. It didnít take much persuading for her to accept the offer. After extensive training, Mo becomes an elite assassin in an off-the-books unit. When her father is murdered and a centuries-old family heirloom is stolen, Mo applies her newly acquired skills to find the murderer and retrieve the gold Etruscan medallion that was taken.

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