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Front cover of Austin Steele's New Life on Xova
Austin Steele's
New Life on Xova

by Earl Underwood

Book One of
An Austin Steele
Space Adventure

Released in July 2013

Austin Steele's New LIfe on Xova is available for purchase in softcover on Amazon.com. It's also available for Kindle e-book on Amazon.com.

BILLIONAIRE AUSTIN STEELE is suddenly faced with a terminal brain tumor. Among his holdings is a space lab and launch complex in Texas. A breakthrough in rocket technology at his lab enables space travel at near light speed, providing him the opportunity to fulfill his childhood dream of going into space. The only catch is he’ll be dead! Hundreds of years later his spacecraft is discovered by an alien race in the Alpha Centauri System. Austin is given new life and embarks on exciting adventures on the planet Xova. Earl Underwood brings you a cast of vivid and compelling characters that will take you through a wide range of emotions. You won’t want to miss the ending of this action-packed adventure.

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